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World Mental Health Day

Today, October 10th is World Mental Health Day! The theme is psychological first aid.

According to the World Health Organization, psychological first aid (PFA) is a humane, supportive and practical response to people suffering exposure to serious stressors and who may need support.

When is the last time you thought about the state of your mental wellness at home and in the workplace? Do you know how to support someone who has a mental illness?

In the sixth episode of the Upgraded by Hobsons podcast, author and motivational speaker Arel Moodie talks briefly on growing up in Brooklyn, New York, and about the traumatizing things he witnessed. At the age of 16-years-old, he was experiencing depression and contemplated taking his own life.

Over 6 million American men suffer from depression per year.

His father offered support by checking in with him and having a conversation helping Arel realize that ending his life wasn’t the answer but that going to college might help him move past what he was experiencing. Arel now travels around the country giving motivational speeches.

I mention this as a reminder that in the professional setting sometimes all we see or expose to our co-workers is our surface-self. But, let us remember that we are all human and experiencing life challenges. While some of these are exciting like becoming a new parent, other experiences are difficult like dealing with grief.

When do we get to take off the mask” and reveal our true selves? When do we make a space to say, “How are you?” and really care about the response before asking for a deliverable from that person? When was the last time you stopped by someone’s desk with no other purpose than to check on his or her well-being?

1 in 5 Americans will have a mental health condition.

October spotlights the importance of good mental health. October 2 – 8 was Mental Illness Awarness Week. October 6 was National Depression Screening Day. And, October 10 welcomes international recognition of World Mental Health Day. For those in the mental health community, it’s a time to reflect, check-in, and share our stories.

Let’s use the weeks going forward as a time to do a mental wellness check-in with yourself and your team.


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