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6 Self-Care Activities for Your Next Staycation

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As your timeline begins to fill with summer vacations of your friends traveling around the world. Don't overlook the possibility of your very own staycation with a focus on only you, self-care, and doing things that bring you joy! Since my boyfriend was spending the weekend with his family I made a last minute decision to stay one night in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Getting there didn't go as planned and I felt that most of my day was gone before I even got to my room BUT I am thankful I've learned to not let those things spoil the whole day. So what did I do? I stuck to things that would make me happy and left room for adventure. 

  1. Aromatherapy - I can't afford a spa but I can afford the travel size body scrub and cream and a massage oil. So on my way, I decided to pick up a few things from the Body Shop in Union Station. Lately, I have been in love with the lemongrass scent. I felt so calm after my shower and I smelled amazing! 
  2. Small Coffee Shop - The atmosphere of a small coffee shop is right up there for me with that of a bookstore. I feel calm, relaxed, and at home. I like to order a mug to continue that at home experience. I had a backpack full of books and tried to remember to breathe. 
  3. Be Still - During my exploring I walked around this area where there is a huge water foundation and I walked through a path. I sat down on a bench and closed my eyes for about a minute. I felt so many emotions. I was surrounded by American flags and I held back tears. (Being an "other" in America right now just feels like a weight and I had to let myself embrace this truth.) I felt it, I inhaled, and I kept it moving. 
  4. Favorite Store - It's really all about atmospheres for me. I went to the Paper Source. Surrounded by notebooks, stamps, all things paper. I didn't need to make a huge purchase but just exploring gave me some positive creativity vibes. 
  5. Do Something New - I'm an introvert but I thrive in smaller settings. On this trip, I decided instead of using the mini-bar I would get my complimentary drink from the actual hotel bar. This is out of my comfort zone but the payoff was huge. I meet a great woman who was there for work by herself and we ended up hanging out after. This is not something I would normally do but it was so much fun. Yes, I was here for my "me" time but I'm including this because I believe it's important to not stick to the game plan so hard you miss an opportunity to do something new. 
  6. Meditation & Yoga - I woke up the morning of check-out and rolled out the yoga mat that came in my room. I did a short meditation video (Check out BlackGirlCalm) and a yoga routine thanks to youtube. I took a shower with all my new smell goods and took my time enjoying my room before I had to check-out. 

I left feeling "awakened" and so proud of myself. I didn't come and read or write like I thought I would but I didn't beat myself up about it. I enjoyed my time and most importantly I made time for myself. Need more mental wellness tips? Check out 10 tips here