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Let Go While on Maternity Leave, This Mompreneur Now Owns a Vintage Clothing Business

By: Nicole Howard

I met mompreneur, Evelyn Mingo, as she was selling clothes outside of a local cafe along with other small business owners. Her vintage clothing caught my eye and so did her two beautiful children who were right by her side. In 3 ½ years, Evelyn Keene relocated from her home city of Philadelphia for her job, got married and gave birth to two beautiful children.

While on maternity leave she received a call stating her place of employment was restructuring. After 12 years with the company, her position was eliminated. This is a moment she said that you can either break or bend.

“I believe in my heart of hearts it was for a reason,” said Evelyn. This moment was a wake-up call for her. Evelyn has worked in retail for 15 years, with her previous position she was the district merchandising manager. Now she uses the skills she was bringing to her job to create her own income. “I can’t have my fate in someone else’s hands,” said Evelyn

Growing up she loved vintage clothing and developed a passion for the style it’s also something her Grandmother and Mother passed down to her. The idea for her shop name came about when she looked in her closet and noticed the clothes that energized her, that made her feel confident where nowhere to be found.

“One day I was feeling amazing, looked into my closet and noticed all my amazingness had left me that’s where to Love Once Again began. We as women tend to care and nurture everyone else but ourselves. With making everyone else feel and look good I’m looking a little crazy. There is something about dressing the way you want to feel, wearing what you want to attract in your life.”

Love Once Again was launched in January of 2018. It is a vintage clothing shop that provides handmade, pre-loved, vintage clothing and accessories. She is passionate about the ability to have a wardrobe that is sustainable fashion.

“We are in an overconsumption society. Being kind to mother Earth is really being kind to ourselves and taking care of it for us and our children,” said Evelyn.

We discussed the challenges of balancing a new business, being a wife and a Mom. She believes being a business owner is teaching her to prioritize and invest time in what matters. She is also learning to let go of control. As a manager, she was able to have a sense of control but now she realizes everything can’t be managed. She calls it a “freedom and a curse”. Her greatest challenge right now is having time to explore shops in the city as she is still learning the area. She thrives on creating goals throughout the week as a way to manage her time.

In addition to selling clothing, she offers visual and merchandising services for small boutiques or shop owners to help set up a new shop and to help drive sales. Her passion for vintage includes finding accessories, dresses, and heirlooms. She believes accessories are important to her business as a way to introduce consumers to vintage living for those who are afraid of the stigma of vintage clothing.

Be sure to check out these unique pieces in her store on Etsy. I've already purchased a few and worn them in my Instagram photos. 

#SisStayReady Tips:

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  2. Practice Self-Care

  3. Seek Education: You may have the experience and talent but continue seeking knowledge about your industry.