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If It’s Your Birthday Make Some Noise! I'm 30!

Today is my 30th birthday! The big 3-0! The phrase that resonates with me as I reflect on these past years is survival over struggle.

A year ago, I was let go from my job. A day before my birthday! (Savage)

Imagine going into your birthday weekend knowing you no longer have a job. Soon after I was a contractor and was let go in December of 2017. (insert DJ Khaled voice - Another One!)

Today I am employed full-time as of Feb. 2018!

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That is pretty much a clear description of my employment story since college graduation. When you get knocked down over and over you begin to question your choices. Did I choose the wrong career? If I did, what am I supposed to do now?

I’ve decided to hold on to what I know. However, imposter syndrome is real especially if you tie your self-worth to your career.

This is also a depiction of these last 29 years. It’s about surviving the rough days knowing deep down that they will not last forever. That they are a moment in time. This is what I hope #SisStayReady will do. Remind women like me that the things that are thrown at us can break us, but that we can survive and even thrive.

During post-college, I was fighting with self-worth, self-love, and confidence. I endured depression and anxiety that are now shadows in my reflection. That chapter that continued to linger throughout my adulthood taught me empathy like nothing else probably could.

The mistakes that tore apart the deep religious part of me were a looking glass into the areas of life that get so harshly judged by others. How can one connect with the ones they want to save without understanding their struggles.

The most important players that pushed me to never give up were therapy, genuine friendships, honesty and gentleness (still working on that one.)

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Throughout all this personal, social, growth was navigating new employment environments I’ve never been in before. High stress, highly social and all that comes with it. Trying to fit in, be seen and focused on “the ladder of success”. (Glad that’s over!)

Now here is 30 and all I want is freedom over my time, genuine relationships, opportunities to tell our stories and finding a way to create generational wealth. My life journey does NOT need to match what society says it has to.

I’m 30 without children, not married, I live in a one bedroom apartment and I’m probably at my heaviest weight. HOWEVER, I rediscovered a love for art, created my own designs, designed for others and launched a whole new blog name/concept that energizes me in a way my writing hasn’t in a long time. Whenever I’m reminded of how short life is living it the way I chose is now most important. Also, discovering what brings me joy and finding more time to do those things.

So here’s to 30! I’ll be working on becoming an official business owner, learning how to be a micro-influencer and continuing to inspire and connect people by sharing their stories. The stories of the moments when everything is falling apart but focusing on the results that lead to innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

To celebrate, I’m offering my readers 15% off all items in my store use code: BDAY! Spread the #SisStayReady message with a special new t-shirt called Survival Over Struggle.

How do you reflect on your birthday? Leave a comment below or share with me on Instagram (@SisStayReady).