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Before You Start Your Side Hustle Read This

By: Briana Rose, HelloBriana Consulting (Featured Blogger)

Everyone may not be interested in full-time entrepreneurship, however, anyone can benefit from part-time entrepreneurship. It is an opportunity to create a new stream of income and do something you love.

Entrepreneurship has always been an area of interest. In December of 2016, I made it a reality by starting my business HelloBriana Consulting while working a full-time job.

After working on and off for a year and spending time on maternity leave I made a decision to dedicate myself to my business full-time. This move would allow me to spend more time with my daughters. I’ve learned entrepreneurship isn't easy, and you have to be prepared for the unknown.

Here are three #SisStayReady tips to help you prepare for entrepreneurship:

1. Be Passionate

You want to view entrepreneurship as a long-term commitment. If you pursue something that you are passionate about, then it doesn’t seem like much “work” is involved. If you have a hobby you can monetize; even better!

2. Manage Your Time Like a  Boss

Understand the importance of time management. Working a job and running a business isn't easy, so it is important that you manage your time effectively to be more productive. Be sure to set goals, plan, and be flexible, because things don’t always go as planned.

3. Believe in Yourself.

If you stay positive, believe in yourself, and push forward the hard work will pay off before you know it.

Entrepreneurship can be scary, but it’s an amazing opportunity to create a flexible lifestyle.

About Briana Ross
Briana Ross is the owner of HelloBriana Consulting LLC and a business consultant with a passion for motivating and inspiring women by providing them with information and tools to take their life and business to the next level. HelloBriana Consulting LLC offers coaching and consulting services to female entrepreneurs and business owners

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