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3 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas on a Budget

The one positive of enduring financial hardship while in a relationship is the push to get creative. Within months of becoming an “official” couple, we found ourselves unemployed. A year later and history decided to repeat itself.

Having limited income and searching for work, will add stress, tension, and even distance into your relationship. If you can dedicate time to connect and laugh make it happen.





Trust me. Creating time to not think about the bills but to laugh, helps to release the tension. Try activities that are free or can be completed on a budget. Go to the park, an arcade, a museum, play a board game, or video games.



Creating something together is a great way to reconnect and feel a sense of pride once you see the final product. So try to make a meal together. 

One of the hardest challenges with a change in income with one person in the relationship or even both is not being able to maintain your “lifestyle” missing going out on dates or with friends. It’s important to find time to have fun and to communicate.


Take a walk and explore your surroundings. Sometimes you can have an adventure right in your backyard. Take a look at the national park service.

Be creative, have fun, and enjoy the love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!